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Freelancers, Small & Mid-sized Digital agencies

Project management

Project Camp’s clear and focused interface helps with complete project management.

Manage unlimited projects, add project lead, assign to multiple employees, start-end date, categories projects. You can also add customers so that they see all details of their projects.

Customers & Lead management

Customers & Leads important part of any company. ProjectCamp help you manage them effectively.

Add customer and add multiple contacts for them. Let your customer login into the inbuild customer panel and view all the projects, view task and track the entire progress. Also see the invoice, estimates, proposals & add tickets. 

Add leads with there entire lifecyle tracking details, lead source, lead status, meeting or important reminders. One click lead to customer conversion.

Complete sales - invoicing, estimates & drafts

With project camp you can invoice customer for a project or some tasks, provide estimate & save drafts.

Add multiple invoice line, line description, tax, discounts and lot more. With a very flexible invoicing scheme to number invoice in a professional way. Mark a invoice as due, partial or paid.

All of this can be done in customer’s currency, that is project camp provide multi-currency feature.

Support tickets

Providing data-to-day support is important part of any service or product based business. 

With project camp your customer can open ticket straight from the customer login. Tickets can be categorised, assign priority and assign team members to help resolve it.

Task management

Add unlimited task in projects, with start-end date, priority, category and add multiple members for it. Mark a task status as completed. Colloborate with team members by adding comments, uploading documents and vieweing the complete activity log for the task.

View tasks in kanban board system for easy management

Documents & Notes

Documents & notes are important for every resource – it maybe project, lead, customer or employee.

In project camp you get easy way to add documents & notes for all of them. Add a document by providing some subject and description or simply add a note. 

You can view & download it in simple clicks.


Well, every business have some expenses. Expense can be for internal business or can be related to a project or for a employee.

In project camp you can easily add them by adding a reference number, date, due date, expense category, expense for employee or project. Also mark a expense as due/partial/paid.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base helps you document things for future reference or sharing it with customer or employees. 

In project camp you can add knowledge base in intuitive feature-rich text editor & categorise it.

All-in-one Calendar

At the very top of the of the navigation bar you can click on the calendar to view the complete details of all important date for you. Dates for employee leaves, project deadline, task deadline, and unpaid invoices due date. 

You can view it in monthly, weekly or daily view, with navigation for next-previous dates.


Other important features

– Quick navigation menu in top to help you add important things quickly in one click.

– Invoice notification system with clickable notifications which work without any page refresh.

– Email notification with customizable templates & merge tags for adding important details.

– Feature to ON/OFF modules as per your requirenments.


Single page application

Superfast & responsive single page application build with the latest technology like Laravel, Vuejs & Vuetify.

Project Camp is feature rich. You get a beautiful interface to manage your business, unlike traditional app with project camp managing business becomes fun.


Open source

Lite version of Project Camp base is completely open source. Which allows anyone to check the codes for any security issues, improvements etc.

This also allows you install in your server & give it a test drive before getting a advance pro version.